Jay Noone vs DCYF Goons

Originally published at: https://freekeene.com/2022/04/03/jay-noone-vs-dcyf-goons/

Recently some busybody reported Jay Noone’s family to DCYF when his wife Shalon allegedly went into a store and left their 2-year-old strapped safely into a carseat with the car running. The meddling family-destroying goons dropped into the Noone’s “Domestead” in Henniker on Friday to try to search the premises. Despite showing Jay a written threat from a robed person, Jay refused to allow them in and wisely recorded the encounter. Stay tuned to Free Keene for updates.

Here’s the video of the encounter:


watched. adding to call-talk-radio-about list

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grrr most people in the public hearing about this are likely to focus on the fact that he’s mostly spewing Sovereign Citizen type rhetoric. This will drown out the more important reality that DCYF tends to get children abused , sometimes targets parents over their politics and wastes a lot of your money. I guess it’s also good that he refused to cooperate with them and they left the property. most of my calls about this are going to get laughed off the air, but I can try.

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