Is there an "issue tracker" to keep organized and updated any arguments against independence?

Coming from software development, it is very useful to have a bug tracker or issue tracker to focus discussions and to know which problems are still unresolved.

In the case of this forum, each issue would be a specific concern against leaving the US, as narrowed down as possible, and people would propose solutions or compromises to appease people with those concerns.

While a concern is unresolved, the issue would have an “Open” tag, and once a good solution has been found that most of the people can agree with (even those against leaving the US), then the tag would be changed to “Closed”.

Each issue would be identified by the topic number that appears in the URL, so in order to link to a related issue one just has to use the topic number (I believe this platform allows this).

The moderator would have more work to do: (1) he would have to close duplicate topics, or (2) reframe issues in case they are too wide. But the pay off is more organization and concentrated efforts.

Also, issues could be assigned to one user, who would be in charge of keeping up to date the pros and cons of the proposed solutions.

Can something like this be done in this forum, emulating Github or Gitlab?

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Wow, I would love to see something like that!

good question
maybe you could set up something in a different place that could do those things and we direct people to there
like quora or something similar

ohohohoh … can I be the “fact-checker”??? please please please … I won’t abuse my power

as a side note … I don’t have answers (or acceptable ones) for each issue that comes up … but we can post options

can you do this or lead it willo? Ultimately in volunteer groups like this very few projects get done as a result of suggesting them… but if you lead it then some of us will probably support you in some way.

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yea sadly our budget constraints have kept us from hiring a IT manager or an issue tracker system
but we have openings for interns

I would love to see some fact-checking on this video:

purporting to expose Fauci and the ongoing dangers of “official” treatment for “covid.”

This could be a powerful incentive to many to support separation.

What do you say, Russell? Does it interest you?

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I’m glad you like the idea!

Discourse itself could be used for this task, for example the teams that develop Bitcoin Cash use it extensively to keep track of the proposals and issues.

I’ve been thinking how this could work best. As I see it, when a user points out a Concern, the following could be done:

  1. Appoint a Maintainer to be in charge of this particular Concern.
  2. Tag the topic with a “concern” tag, an “open” tag, and the Maintainer’s name tag.
  3. The Maintainer would reply to the post with a summary of the proposals given so far to solve this concern, and keep the post up to date with any change in proposals.
  4. When a good proposal is found, tag the issue with “closed”, or “solved”.

This way, when a new topic is started, the Moderators would decide if it’s “duplicated”, a “concern”, a “proposal”, or “general”.

The question here is if the admin can give some powers to certain Moderators to only be able to tag topics and only within the NH Exit category. Can this granularity be achieved?

Pros of Discourse

  • Self-hosted.
  • Already deployed.
  • Less things to maintain.

Cons of Discourse

  • Fewer features than Github or Gitlab.
  • Less organized because Concerns would coexists with all the other topics.

In case more features are desired, hosting a repository in or may be fine.

Or if some developer in the community already self-hosts a Gitlab instance, that could be used instead. But if not, deploying a new Gitlab instance for this use case might be overkill IMO.

Thoughts on self-hosted vs hosting in a third-party server?

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I can watch it later.

You want to do “fact checking” on this video?

I thought Fauci changed his official stance every month … time to fire him.

Yes. Fauci changes his official story regularly. This video purports to prove that he knew people would die from the “treatment” for “covid.” This in addition to known/expected deaths from the “vaccine” itself. As far as I can tell, he hasn’t changed his stance on [wanting people to die], even though it apparently was not intended to be public.

I have not been able to set aside the time to try to track down the reports, etc. that Ardis refers to in his video. And I don’t know anything about him, other than what he shows on his website, which seems to offer lots of stuff for sale in addition to other videos, etc.

This makes me unwilling to forward his video, which I really wanted to do because it seems to be important stuff. But I can only do that if I feel confident that he is telling the truth about things that can be independently verified

Thanks for your reply.

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yea … maybe you want to start another thread and see what other people know. I don’t dig too deep into these political things … I know that fauci is bad … lifelong bureaucrat