Is Keene mostly democrat because of Keene State College?

About ten years ago, Keene State College had about 5700 students. Now it’s down to about 2800 students. I wonder if many professors and administrative people have also lost their job.

Has this made a difference on getting libertarian-minded people into office? College students are notoriously democrat/marxist leaning and with them gone, our chances may be going up.


Maybe, education does seem to create liberals.

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I agree, education does appear to create people who believe force is the solution to every problem. In my not so humbled opinion, when you tell people what to think, education, instead of teaching them how to think, learning, you get people who don’t know how to think.

It’s no wonder to me that a majority of individuals who attend “higher indoctrination centers” tend to lack the ability to thunk, and instead fall back onto what their have been told.

People who you tell “we are working on non-violently having New Hampshire leave the United States” and immediately they recall the Civil War and imply that such an action will lead to a Civil War. They didn’t learn what actually caused the Civil War, except the “war” part.

Many scholars have postulated that, absent the southern forces on attacking Fort Sumpter, that the Civil War would have not occurred. It was President Lincoln who was “forced” to respond to the attack that ultimately lead to the Civil War. If the southern States simply withdrawal their representatives from the House and Senators from Senate, there would most likely never been a Civil War.

As an answer to your question as to whether the decrease in attendance to the State universities has had an impact on getting freedom loving people into office, there is no real evidence to draw upon, nor could there be. You can’t prove one way or another without evidence. We’d need a period of time where the Free State Project participants existed in State and a time during that period where attendance has dropped and another period where attendance stayed the same, and another period where attendance was high, to begin to answer the question.

However, there doesn’t appear to be a shortage of folks willing to run, of those running winning their race, and upon winning their race some progression toward a more free State.

I was shocked when I looked up the KSC attendance … when we lived here before it was around 5k