Is it inappropriate to offer Bitcoin for USD here?

I’m converting some Bitcoin to USD to pay my mortgage, and I’d prefer to avoid using an exchange. This would be entirely legit and above board (I can avoid capital gains by doing some before New Year and some after.)

Oh yeah, I already converted most of it to Bitcoin Cash, by the way.

You can’t get a BTC Debit card and pay it off? I’m asking because I want to understand.

I’d like to give the money changers as little as possible, and I don’t think that will work. I do think I have it handled, though.:blush:

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I’d be happy to mediate if you need help I know people who would pay market price.

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A few things have happened since, thanks. I’ll let you know, though.

hey how ya doin ? im interested…

Handled, thanks. Too low to sell anyway.

hahah i got so excited reading your post offering bitcoins for $$ i didn’t care to read the comments :confused: buy those bitcoins back at the dips man !!

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Actually, I bought Bitcoin Cash (BCH) at the dip, with Bitcoin (BTC) at a high point. Got it at BCH = .1 BTC. The current rate is something like BCH = .185 BTC. :slight_smile:

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nice man! that’s a great short term trade, no doubt. I’m semi new to the whole crypto-scene but i cant lie, Bitcoin’s got my attention, i mean hey i could be wrong but i read about this stuff all day now and from all the experts i listen to, price of bitcoin will be anywhere between 100,000 and a million in 5-10 years. Several factors drive the value but a couple major ones, the finite amount of coins and the fact miners’ fee halves every two years, have huge implications on future value

sorry meant to say, miners’ reward for mining a block, not miners’ fee

I lost faith in Bitcoin because of Blockstream. I’m convinced they’re either incompetent at the market level or deliberately sabotaging Bitcoin, and I’ve pretty much gravitated toward the latter. That’s why I switched to Bitcoin Cash. The technical version is that I believe Bitcoin has to be peer-to-peer cash for the internet, and be used as that, to be successful. The Blockstream/Core people have gone for “store of value,” to the detriment of being peer-to-peer cash. In doing so, they have shunned countless retailers who have been building the Bitcoin brand for five years, and most of those people are also switching to Bitcoin Cash.

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hm, interesting take… im definitely going to put some resarch into that today