Is Ian Freeman still at Boscowen?

Anyone know?

He is.

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sent second 7 page letter to him this week… stuff I’ve written in the past about the free state movement mostly. 3rd similar letter went out to aria. thanks for the update! anyone have a sense how much mail Ian is getting or what is most useful for him? How about aria? oh ian wrote me back in mid october so his first letter at least got thru.

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Thanks for writing Ian with those updates. I just sent him my second letter this past week as well.

I can’t say how much mail he’s getting but besides us three, I do know of another who has sent him mail. Likely many more. I suppose if you asked him directly he’d let you know.

I was texting him daily throughout the day until I got sick of the Securus app using close to 1 GIG of mobile data a day spying on me. The app was using my camera and microphone to listen to me all day long.

What on Earth were they trying to catch me doing? Examining the blueprints for the facility or something?


So I wrote Ian and apologized for uninstalling the app so we couldn’t text anymore. He totally understood.