Introduction - steven H. Aka Besolutionz

Hi everyone. I just moved in to new hampshire. Big fan of bitcoin and cryptos. I trade and mine coins . I used to live in portugal when i first got exposed to it. New hampshire is the capital of world for bitcoin. :slight_smile: here i am. Looking to see who around here sharing the same ideas and new technology in the new era. Definitly love that the shire was the right move for me.

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Welcome! To where did you move in the Shire?

Cool. I heard there are some people who meet in Nashua. Not sure where or when.

Found it:

We have a social gathering every Sunday in the downtown Nashua area.Generally at Martha’s Exchange located at 185 Main St, Nashua, NH 03064. People start arriving around 6pm. There is plenty of parking on the street and in the parking garages on Elm and High St.

Welcome! Glad to see another crypto person living in the “new era” in the Shire! I celebrate living here every day. It’s filled with so many exciting people using technology in creative ways to enhance freedom. Last night at our weekly bitcoin meetup in Portsmouth there were 10 people, which is pretty standard. I just published a write-up on it. Hope to see you around, either at a meetup, or at the Free State Bitcoin Shoppe. In Liberty!

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Welcome to the forum. I doubt you’ll find a better crypto currency friendly area than the Shire. I’m a newbie at it myself.

Welcome to NH and the forum. The Nashua Liberty social generally meets at 6PM on Sundays and often at Martha’s as previously posted. However, we do rotating things around and the ‘regulars’ at the meetup are a small enough group that occasionally we end up not doing a meetup. We are very good about posting that on the Nashua Liberty facebook group. I recognize there are a lot of valid reasons why people stay away from facebook.

We also try to keep the Liberty Central calendar updated with the location - generally updating it by 4PM

Note that this week (9/10) there is large (pre-sales) ticketed event in downtown Nashua that will close Main st - so we certainly won’t try to meetup at Martha’s.

Since I will be up in Manchester anyway, I may stop by the Manchester bitcoin meetup tonight (Strange Brew Tavern, 88 Market St, Manchester, NH 03101 - 5:30 - 9) - if I make it though it won’t be until ~6:30 or so.