Introduction of Javan DeGraff

Hello all,

As the title reads my name is Javan and I moved to New Hampshire in 2020, motivated in part by the Free State Project and in part by family that lives in VT and we wanted to be closer to them.

I came to Libertarian beliefs a bit late–my formative years were in a southern Pentecostal household and by time I was in college I was basically Ben Shapiro but taller and with the courage of my convictions to act on them, so I joined the Marines–but about 5 months into my deployment I realized I wasn’t defending American life, liberty, or property but was in fact assisting in the murder of illiterate goat herders to Lockheed Martin’s stock price could go up another $1 on any particular week day. After that I got out in 2014 once my commission had run its course after 4 years. I began trading futures, found Austrian Economics, then I stumbled across the Tom Woods podcast, then read Rothbard and Hoppe.

I was invited to this forum by Dave Ridley after he found an op-ed I had written for the NHJournal on why New Hampshire should secede. It sounded like this might be a spot where liberty minded folks associate so I was interested in checking it out.

Looking forward to further discussions and potential meetups down the line.

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Great to have you here Javan

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Hi Javan!

Welcome to the forum. You should be able to post in other threads now. Thanks for telling us your story and how you found your way to New Hampshire and hopefully eventually freedom!

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