Introduction, Leif_Alexander

Some of you probably know me as David E. Sanders.
Up to now, I have had many questions unanswered about independence.
I went to Liberty Forum this year, and was happy to make the acquaintance of
Alu Axelman, and Daniel (can’t remember last name) from Texas who represented
the TExit movement. From speaking to these two people for hours (tired of me
yet Alu?), I have become convinced that due diligence is being taken wrt proper
and peaceful secession.
I found the forum this time through a DuckDuckGo search for “nhexit”, although
I have been aware of it for sometime, since I used to be a regular listener of
FreeTalk Live!
The past few days I have watched the committee hearings on CACR-32, and
have become convinced that our legislators don’t really understand this short
bill. Also, I have become convinced that the people in the secession community
have not been adequately explaining it to the legislators. They don’t address
the many flaws in the thinking of the legislators. I spent all of yesterday, and
much of today taking copious notes, including some transcription where possible,
on the hearings.
Overall, I feel that independence is the final goal (I’m an anarchist by both
inclination and study), but I do think that we need to proceed slowly, find a
path that best suited to our situation.

David E. Sanders (Leif_Alexander)



yayyyy! good to have you here Mr. Alexander sir! what do you think we could say better; how would you phrase the case for NH independence in an elevator pitch?


I’m still getting used to this forum, but it appears that the replies to RidleyReport2 would be better answered in the NHExit subgroup, and I have deleted my replies here, and have moved the discussion to the NHExit subgroup.

Welcome, Leif! Happy to have you here.

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