Introducing Rubens Mazzini

  1. I am someone who believes in a truly free world in which no one will be a slave to a repressive state, in which people can associate freely without interference and have the right to full defense, in which finances will be decentralized and without intermediaries. For this purpose, I maintain a node on the lightning network.
  2. I was very happy to discover the existence of ShireSociety, I want to know more about this project and contribute in any way I can. 3. I found out about the existence of the Society through the node page on lightningnetwork+ (Shire_Society_Federation • LightningNetwork+) where I have my node registered.

Glad you made it to the forums, welcome. You will find many like-minds to share your interests with here.

Are you in NH? If so, there is a healthy social community around blockchains.

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welcome rmm

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The Shire Society is an individual choice to abide by a more restrictive Constitution than the Statists.
I engage in all areas of commerce with those ideals.

Welcome to this Federation of individuals and happy routing!

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Hello Calvin!
Thank you for the wellcome!
Do you know why I cant’t reply threads in other topics?
Thank you for the welcome
I would like to participate in the Shire Cryptocurrencies Community. discussion, but I can only read the posts.

Not yet, but I plan to pay a visit. :wink:

Is Sathoshi Nakamoto back?

The reason you can’t post is because our spam fighting system involves a bit of human interaction and the one or two humans who can elevate your user privileges such as you can post on other sections of the forum were not paying close enough attention. This issue should now be resolved as I have elevated your user permissions such you can post elsewhere now.

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Thank you very much!