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Boyd Conklin, currently in Westborough MA been giving the School Committee three minutes for the last ten meetings. Will be in Lincoln NH at a condo at Loon for the next five days, may buzz Keene on the vacay. We’ve got a group of 50 or so locals working on getting a majority on the school committee, different folks with different agendas, my focus so far, forced vaccines/passports/masking, CRT SEL DEI grooming, corruption. Let’s get more control over our destiny. I am not getting vaccinated and Trump won.

Boyd Conklin

8 Water Street, Westborough, MA

‪(760) 654-2282‬ google voice, voice translates to text for messages

(508) 366-0360 landline (no cell phone, nor want)

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When yer done bangin yer head against that wall, we’ll have the light on for you!

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The media playback was aborted due to a corruption problem or because the media used features your browser did not support. NH independence documentary ! (Starts with other topics) tried to watch one of your videos got a few minutes in before it completely crashed, I guess odysee does not like dissenter. Here is some of my work. All the best
Westborough Massachusetts Mill Pond fifth grade Energy Fair April 30th 2022 and school committee meetings

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School committee archive boyd conklin 04292022bc.odt (23.7 KB)


interesting presentation!

very cool
what is your opinion of #NHexit?
what would you do if we started to form a new country?

We can’t guarantee the NH Presidential elections will not be stolen sadly :wink:

I think the basis of an excellent governmental system was left to us by the founders, grab the reins.