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I’m a libertarian in my early 40’s who has become fed up with the direction the world is headed in. Over the last few years i have been actively listening to such podcasters as Dave Smith, Tom Woods, Scott Horton, Peter Schiff amongst others. Since the fearmongering of covid 19 started it seems the state is on an unstoppable path towards socialism and I have been looking for places to find freedom in a world that seems to no longer value it. Recently i stubbled upon FreeTalk Live and have been adding an episode or two per week to my podcast playlist. Last week i called in to inquire a bit more about New Hampshire and they directed me to this forum. My wife is from Asia and finally has adapted to our lives in Pittsburgh but I am interested in exploring New Hampshire and the free state project. I have her on board to take a long weekend and travel to New Hampshire but am interested to learn more about the project, the people, and the area. We are considering our trip for early October so we can align it with the fall foliage.

I would greatly appreciate any information, direction, or advise for a first time visitor. A huge plus would be on any pointers to show off the beauty of New Hampshire to my wife during our visit.


Welcome - here’s the calendar I mentioned on-air - it includes events across NH.

Let us know when you are planning to come up.

Thanks for the calendar. As mentioned on air, we expect to be in the area either Oct 1st - 3rd or 14th - 17th. After some quick research online i was thinking first night in Manchester, second night at White Mountain NH, and a night in Keene. We are super open to altering that if we had better recommendations.

I say the earlier the better for the colors … the most people come later in October … mostly oranges and more tourists.

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" New Hampshire Calendar of Liberty Events | Join the Free State Project! " lists most of the parties/socials that will be happening while you’re here… and the list is endless!


You would not be the only Pennsylvania free-stater with a wife from Asia–one such guy’s wife is from Hong Kong.

BTW, traditionally FTL was responsible for recruiting about 10% of free-staters, but this year the anti-COVID measures might deserve a medal.

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Ha, 10%… I’ve heard #s as high as 2/3. But I’m sure it has varied over the decade. No doubt today it’s not 2/3 either way. The migration has gotten so large it’s not any one person or group, but individuals driving it forward. We’re over that initial hill and it’s only getting better every passing day!

Welcome to New Hampshire! And definitely check out Keene. Great area to live. I chose Keene myself 5 years ago… haven’t regretted it for a moment. Best decision of my life. Or 2nd to my significant other (he’d kill me if I didn’t say that, lol).

I’ve heard #s as high as 2/3.
I’m the guy who arranged for the FSP to sponsor FTL, way back in the day when they were still in Florida, and I had the signup data. The number may have risen higher after I left the leadership, but I doubt it. Even 10% was pretty damn high!
Meanwhile, the meme has spread around the world:

Even 10% is a huge # no doubt. But yea, so this was probably at a later date. Exactly when this was I couldn’t say so probably assume at “at the height”. The person I was informed by wasn’t happy about the fact. He was doing “intake” I believe was the term for a while. Technically it wasn’t Free Talk Live specifically, but 2/3 was like people mentioning Ian, something connected to Ian, or Free Talk Live as the reason they moved or something along those lines. But anywho. It’s nowhere near that number today and it’s thanks to all those who came before.

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We always had complaints that we were getting too many participants of type X instead of Y. Our standard response: Stop complaining and go recruit more of type Y! But the real contention is always over the budget. So nice that today the FSP doesn’t have to purchase advertising. Just a week ago I met a girl who knew about PorcFest but not the FSP.

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Sorry i have not been as active but work has been crazy and was out of town for a few days. We are now eyeing up October 2nd through 4th to be in the area. Any suggestion on “cute towns” or more “chicky” things to do/see would be appreciated. I’m trying to sell my wife on the idea and anything that would spark her interest would be beneficial. My thought was

Manchester area on the 2nd
White Mountain area on the 3rd
And Keene on the 4th

White Mountain is only because it seems that its the “go to” spot im seeing online but would welcome suggestions on a better plan or alternative places.

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I would think that Portsmouth would top any list (certainly it was my favorite), and indeed, searching for charming+towns+nh tends to confirm that.


Will update this later.


So due to a variety of factors our plans changed. We are now booked and confirmed to visit New Hampshire the weekend of October 15th. We have hotel reservations and full expect to follow the following schedule:

Friday October 15th - Portsmouth
Saturday October 16th - Laconia, NH
Sunday October 17th - Keene NH

I am really hoping that i get a chance to connect with a few people while I’m up in the area. If anyone is open to meeting up for dinner, a drink, has an event to attend or anything else feel free to message me.

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I noticed Keene has a meet up on that Sunday (
Pho Keene Great, 11 Central Square, Keene, NH 03431), hope to see a few people there. we are also open to meeting someone (or several) prior tot that meet up if someone has extra time on their hands and would like to show us around a bit.

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There are always people at Social Sunday - it’s NH’s longest running liberty social meetup.

I noticed the meetup changed locations from Pho Keene to am Indian spot. Seems that all other weeks are at pho Keene and wanted to confirm the venue has changed

It has for this weekend.