Interactive sign or sticker, How would you do it? Is Taxation theft? for road sign, car etc

What do you think of this idea for an interactive sign or graphic??? how to improve it?
What part of Taxation is Theft?
(Respond by beeps, fingers, or whatever…}

  1. I do not know
  2. None!**
  3. Some of it.
  4. All of it!

beep beep beep beep!

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I agree with “TAXATION IS THEFT”. The problem is that most people don’t, so then for them it isn’t theft - it’s stupid people subscribing to a stupid tyrannical corporation that runs their lives…

The odds of someone understanding pure free market ideas is like the odds of them becoming a nuclear physicist - not everyone has the brains, time, and determination to achieve that. The lower the IQ, the more effort would be required; and sadly for many people it’s just impossible. So, realistically, we need to have two messages, one for people who get it and one for people that don’t.

The message for people who get it is “join us” - political migration to an ideal location. FSP failed (and targeting a whole state of a million leftists and RINOs was a mistake), but some specific towns in northern NH are still good; and then of course seasteading. But “join us” is too vague and cultish. What I often find myself saying is “wouldn’t you rather live in a country where ____”.

The ideal message for everyone else, quoting Moses: “LET MY PEOPLE GO”!

I think the latter is more important, because it applies to a lot more people. And there is no one centralized “us” - just free market competition in pro-freedom migration and secession movements. We don’t need large numbers of other like-minded people to “join us”, and they will decide that for themselves.

And so our motto should be


hmmmm interesting
iceland had a pot and pan banging revolution around 2010, that was fun