Insight into the state of cryptocurrency

I found this commentary by Joel Valenzuela to be very insightful.

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Good read. I was thinking the same thing.

Once crypto has been fully adopted, and we are no longer using fiat money, shouldn’t the price drop? There will not be a strong demand as it once were to purchase crypto. Soon people would be paid in it.

Does anyone else think it will level out and stay consistent, once everyone prefers Crypto?

Will the crypto propagandists say “I was just following orders when I was paid to write these articles!” when the torch & pitchfork crowds come looking for someone to blame for their financial losses?

I think the crypto that’s most affected by speculation (read: BTC) will drop. In general, I like the s-shaped curve idea, that it’s initially slowly adopted, then it ramps up, then as everybody who’s gonna have some does, it slows down, easing to a stable price. I don’t really know anything, though, because I’m not a money market guy. Of course, most money market guys don’t know anything about crypto. :wink:

Maybe Tone Vays would know something, but I don’t trust the bastard.

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