Independence for NH!

Hello, Friends! My name is Shayna Mali. I am an aspiring mover.

I found the Free State Project in 2020 while seeking alternatives to the official line on Covid. I attended and volunteered at my first PorcFest in 2021. Wow, it was great to meet and make friends with so many like-minded people!

One of the best parts of PF was how I was able to help people even before PF. Another was connecting with people who are able to help the freedom movement from wherever they happen to be geographically.

I have attended several events and activities around NH since PF and love the community. I want to redesign my life so that it will be filled with liberty-minded people while I work to help make all of our lives more and more free.

I came to the Shire Society because I believe that for people to actually be free, we must get out from under the control of the US federal government. For me, that currently means peaceful separation (Independence for NH!). I was directed to this forum by the Telegram NHexit group so that I can participate in the discussions and strategizing about how we can create a truly free sovereign nation of New Hampshire.

I am very excited to be here!



Welcome - how soon are you planning to move?

Hi Shayna,

Hope all is well with you.

Bill D.

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Welcome Shayna! And thanks for your involvement at the last PorcFest – it sure was a treat. Good to hear a bit of your backstory. I hadn’t realized the impetus for your own migration. As the agenda to control others under the guise of medical science continues we’ll undoubtedly see others take similar steps. Looking forward to crossing-paths more regularly once you locate housing.

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Thanks, everyone!

I am actively house-hunting and will move as soon as I can work out financing. I don’t fit into standard bank profiles, so I will have to see how that will happen.

Pete, you’re exactly right about the medical thing. I was delighted to participate in the Nurses Stand Up against mandatory vax event in Concord last evening. This was started by one nurse, nothing connected with FSP, she’s just a nurse saying NO.

By the way, she does it every Mon, Wed & Fri from 11-1, in addition to the Friday evening events that are on the FSP calendar. Can anyone here tell me whether this is likely to be a good thing to try to add to the calendar and, if so, who should i communicate with about getting it on there? (And apologies if I’ve gone off-topic, still just starting to learn my way around this forum.

I love you guys!

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Yayyyy thanks for joining Shayna! And it was great talking to you at porcfest… even better to be able to now be able show you a little progress on the independence front … Two more reps joined the Independence Amendment discussion group today so we’re up to five. However some have not had much chance to clarify their positions or bring up their objections/concerns yet.

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Yes, this is really great. I talked to a couple (more?) today at the Lakes Region meetup earlier today (Saturday). It is my impression that there is quite a lot of support, even from some who may be reluctant to co-sponsor.

And I am loving the discussion about the wording - very astute and intelligent. Good stuff.

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If you think an event fits at you can share the details/description to “”, which I believe is then attended-to by Chris Lopez (Our Board and Staff | Free State Project).

Thanks, Pete. I’ve sent her a note.