I'm new, long time lurker, shire native

Hello all!

I was born in Maine, lol, but was only there that night!
I have lived in NH all nearly 40 years of my life.
I grew up and was raised as a good little slave …

I am not one.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. I was drawn here because I like the things that liberty oriented people are doing in The Shire.
The purpose of my presence here is to make friends and build relationships with people who live in MY area. We need to get together, so we can make a better society for us all.
I’m happy my people are here and I waited too long …




welcome beril! what type of activism are you interested in?

Hello, hello!

As you’re wanting to connect with folks in your area I wanted to make sure you were aware of:

  • The Central NH Liberty Meetup, which is in Plymouth on the1st and 3rd Wed. of each month

  • Area 23 in Concord. Often times there’s a crew of liberty-oriented folks present. They accept crypto. The 1st Thur. of each month they have a drum circle, if that vibe appeals.

Those, and other events are on the FSP Calendar.

Will love to know much about NH as i really want to come and join your guys