I'm here looking to find like minded people..

Hello, my name is John and I live in east-central Vermont just over the border from Littleton NH. I’m a hemp farmer and medicinal mushroom grower, a general DIYer and I learned about the Shire Society from being a FTL listener. I’m a member of a Facebook group called 802 Freedom Hub (formerly Vermonters against mask mandates) where members support one other in navigating the authoritarianism/medical tyranny gripping our little state.

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+1 for medicinal mushrooms


Good to have you here. Yea- we’re always looking for like-minded freedom folks. Alone and spread out we’re all doomed. That’s why I moved to NH in 2016 cause this is where the freedom migration is happening and there is a chance in hell at fighting back. We’ve been surprisingly effective despite that things are really only just getting started. We got a few dozen solid liberty representatives elected. Don’t own the state, but we do got an influence and this is more than 20 times as much representation as any other state/country/territory. Republicans and democrats are little different. If you like freedom you should come visit. We’ve got a little event nearby every Sunday called Social Sunday at 5:30PM @ Pho Keene Great in Keene, New Hampshire. You’re probably only a bit over an hour from here.

And yea, we’re all anti-mandate here. Maybe not everyone is against masks, but we’re all against government mandates of them thereof.


Thanks Penguin. I’m 136 miles exactly from Keene and will definitely make it over for liberty meetup at Pho Keene Great. I’m a pho fan. Are there overnight stay accommodations for visiting porcupines these days?

Yea, there is a family nearby in Westmoreland that rents out an RV to like-minded folk visiting. I can probably put you in touch if you like.

I didn’t find any like-minded people in the FSP… :sob:

Agreeing on NAP is not enough. That makes us “non-enemies”; not necessarily even “allies” (if our tactics are different), much less “friends”…

Then why bring them into this discussion?
Surely, with your vast wisdom and experience you’re fully aware that the FSP has (and wants) nothing to do with this forum or the Shire Society.

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I think you’re referring to FSP Inc. They’re becoming ever-less relevant.

I was talking about the broader FSP online ecosystem, including the late great FTL BBS, NH Underground, Free Keene, Shire Society, etc.

Yea, there are lots of different groups in New Hampshire. Many freedom friendly. If you got issues finding people you agree with here you got bigger issues than most of us! And that’s REALLY saying something. lol


yayyyy jc!

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