I'm dombash, nice to meet you

  1. I currently live in Northern Kentucky, I’m a recent graduate of BGSU where I studied Business Administration, Economics & International Business and the University of Essex. I became interested in the ideas of liberty when I was in high school and joined Young Americans for Liberty when I started at BGSU. I once paid a $190 speeding ticket all in pennies. Finally, I’ve lived in the US and the UK and was a fan of Brexit before it was cool :sunglasses:
  2. Joining as I’m considering moving to NH for the FSP. I’m visiting after Christmas for a few days and am interested in meeting some of you all!
  3. I discovered this forum from the Free Keene website
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Will you be visiting the Keene area? Welcome to the forum.

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Hi Ian, yes I will be! I’m staying in Keene from the 26th and returning on the 29th. I’m planning to attend Social Sunday. Please let me know if there’s anything else going on. Looking forward to meeting you!

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Might be a smaller turnout than normal due to the holidays, but some of us will be there for sure.

Thanks Ian. What would you recommend I check out in and around the Keene area to meet other liberty individuals?

I’d be shocked if we don’t have at least some number of people at social even if a lot of people are away for the holiday visiting family and such things. Our little christmas day dinner even attracted a decent number of people who stuck around.