I'm baaack!


My name is Alex Libman. I’ve been a very active member of the original FTL BBS between 2006 and 2011. There was much forum drama over the years (some of which was my fault), and I’ve lost interest in the Free State Project to focus on my own education, solo activism, and tax resistance.

I’m here because maybe some old bridges need to be rebuilt… We’ll see how that goes…

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Welcome back

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Bienvenidos, mi amigo!

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Welcome back. What activism have you been doing lately? Still living in a tent?

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Thank you very much for everything you do, Ian & Mark. :grinning:

Welcome back. What activism have you been doing lately?

Frankly I’m operating at 0.001% of my capacity - due to indecision, depression, laziness, and possibly other mental health problems… Occasionally I still do things like cover the town with hundreds of fliers stapled to light-poles overnight before the election, but I’m sure that made zero difference…

I still do read a lot, but I think I now forget things ten times more quickly than I learn them… Can’t seem to organize myself to do any serious writing or programming, except for an occasional throw-away forum or chatroom rant…

One example of this is my “Howard Roark Wannabe Derangement Syndrome” pertaining to my career in software development. Commies (and other statists) have completely taken over the software industry, especially Free Software, and everything just feels wrong(One can read more about my obsessions here.)

One of the reasons I was so unpopular on the old FTL BBS was my cultural criticism of hedonistic lifestyles. I recently went into Christopher Cantwell’s “Radical Agenda” Telegram group - to show my respects to the White Nationalists, recognizing their Right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Association, and to see how open they are to operating under NAP. Short answer: nope. They want me dead. So I’m stuck somewhere between the alt-right (ex)libertarians like Cantwell and the further left libertarians most common in the FSP; hated by both sides…

Still living in a tent?

Yeah, sticking to my Tax Resistance (income & property) is the least I can do, and really the only thing I can do alone here. I think I’m too psychologically addicted to ever give this up. Even failing all else - I will never be a profitable slave, no matter what.

The “Tent City” situation [quick intro] [old abandoned FB] was a rare opportunity for me to do some local community activism and outreach. I fought very hard to keep Tent City open, and then against that anti-camping / “Illegal To Be Homeless” ordinance for several years after the main camp closed, but there’s only so much I could do alone… I continue to violate that law every day - I’ve merely relocated deeper into the “government owned” woods and went back to camping solo, which is what I prefer anyway.

If I can’t trust anybody anyway, it doesn’t matter if I’m in NH or NJ. In Lakewood I need less propane for heating, and it’s very easy to make untaxed cash doing day labor (I need all the physical exercise I can get).

I’m sitting in front of a very nice laptop, and it doesn’t matter if it’s in a tent in the woods or in a mansion. The former is actually healthier. 4G works great, and external battery packs mean I can stay off the grid for days without recharging.

The less I have, the less the government scum can take away.



hey alex… still carrying on the fight you started years ago to make sure posts dont’ get deleted!

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I wouldn’t call it a fight, just disappointment.

No one in this universe I can trust…



nothing wrong with living in a tent. i really like the idea of you depriving the bad guys of their property tax revenue; thank you for doing that… presumably at some risk

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