1. I’m a Libertarian, fitness enthusiast, technologist, and entrepreneur. I am the founder of Da Vinci Crypto Corp., a tech company whose main mission is to make blockchain sustainable and privacy-centric. I signed the FSP pledge about a year ago and hope to settle in the Keene area in the next year or two.

  2. Primarily, networking. I want to see if other members are interested in collaborating with Da Vinci Crypto. Secondarily, to keep up to date on Liberty happenings.

  3. Like most internet discoveries, through going down a rabbit hole. I was checking out the NH calendar of Liberty events on the FSP website, looked into the Keene crypto meeting, and a couple jumps later wound up here.

Glad I did :slight_smile:

Excellent - we’d love to have you in Crypto Mecca. Definitely need more people spending crypto at local businesses to strengthen the crypto economy. See you soon and let us know when you’re coming up to move or visit and we’ll have a meetup.

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Hi Derek, Welcome! Do you have a website or use telegram with your work? DM me your TG contact info if you feel like saying hi on there. I worked as an analyst for “The Cryptologists” also known as smarterFXcapital on tradingview.com a few years back.

Doing some stuff in forex markets currently. https://eliteforextrader.com/ if curious…

also my timeline on this site is here: