ID verification on coinbase?

Anyone know why coinbase is requiring ID on file to purchase crypto or how to bypass it?
I purchase off there and have never submitted and ID but in just got a friend in Tennessee interested and he signed up over thanksgiving. Coinbase is asking for ID, and even after he sent one, it wouldn’t verify it.
If anyone has advice, please let me know! Any other exchanges out there that you trust?

Probably to rat out to the IRS. I’m so glad that while I opened an account, I never traded there.

Kraken has a good reputation, from what I’ve heard. I got really lucky on my source for BTC, and the timing, is all I’ll say. I’m staying clear of exchanges for the foreseeable future. This seems like a good time to stay under the RADAR.

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Yeah I opened an account but never really went along with giving info. Thank god I dogged that bullet.

I only buy from BTC vending machines. They only took my drivers license. :confused:
Anyone know other ways to buying BTC with low fees and free from IRS eyes…
Local BTC scares me. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories.

Why did the forum take out people trading on here? I saw a post deleted.

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It’s been like this for a while. I had to send them a scan of my passport.

Local BTC has had a lot of stings. I won’t go there. Wouldn’t be surprised there are feds lurking HERE, actually, which is probably why posts deleted.

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Not on buyers though, as far as we know. But you can bet the IRS has a warrant to monitor internet traffic to and from their servers.

My guess is partially because they operate here in the lovely sate of NY. And with the Bit License there is probably some type of verification process. And the IRS

Would I be surprised if it came out in 20 years that Coinbase was run by the government from the start? Nope.

I somehow managed to have an account without ID. Not sure how i did it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah i just learned about all that last night listening to FTL. I really hope the government doesn’t sink their claws into crypto anymore, but it seems we can’t have anything without stupid regulations.

I wouldn’t be shocked either.

A semi victory for Coinbase account holders…

Noteworthy - " The government’s own lawyers noted at the hearing that the IRS is not accustomed to having to fight for records in this context, and most companies just turn records over without going to court."

I don’t remember submitting an ID to coinbase, but they have all my info and it’s tied to a personal bank account…I thought the bank account was the verification.