Ian Freeman Returns to the Stage at Porcfest 2022 to Discuss the FBI

Originally published at: https://freekeene.com/2022/06/26/ian-freeman-returns-to-the-stage-at-porcfest-2022-to-discuss-the-fbi/

I had the pleasure of speaking from the main stage at Porcfest 2022, the biggest, sold-out Porcfest ever. My speech was about the history of Free Talk Live and the FBI’s obsession with the Free State Project, specifically agent Phil Christiana. Thank you to Dennis Pratt and the rest of the Porcfest crew for having me back!

Here’s the full speech and Q&A:

Thank you to Jim Babb for speaking out years ago and Rodger Paxton for laying the groundwork for having me back to Porcfest.

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Interesting that the FBI was originally created by the Executive Arm to investigate crimes in federal jurisdiction, and has since turned into perhaps the most corrupt federal agency, itself!

They buried all that dirt that was found on Hillary.
They refused to investigate John Podesta whose emails showed him talking about the location of the upcoming murder of Justice Scalia two days before it happened!
They are implicated as provocateurs in the January 6th so-called ‘riots’.
They are implicated in numerous false flag shootings.
They sat on and kept buried the Hunter Biden laptop, which polls now show swung the election. (Enough Dems would not have voted for Biden had they known.)
And the list of their most recent crimes go on and on!

Nominated as the new most corrupt government agency! Replacing BATF (aka. Building Another Terrible Fiasco) and the contra money laundering agency, HUD!

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