Ian Freeman (Bernard) The man who snitched on Larken Rose:

Go fuck yourself.

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I’d rather fuck the system.

Your not suggesting that the FBI arrests their own once in a while to make it look like they are not one of their own?

i just joined this forum… it seems truthvsstate should be called lies barked at the moon…
… that’s one observation


Oh my gosh no. Why on earth would satanists side with agents ?

No one here answered my question as to HOW a transvestite/satanist/wannabe sheriff, is good for a “freedom” movement in ANY way,shape,or form.

Yea, well, the agents of the state have no problem advocating for violence while claiming to be libertarian. The difference between libertarians and like-minded freedom folk is we don’t settle our differences with violence or kicking people even figuratively where we can avoid it. Words will do as has been demonstrated here. Having a little bit of diversity of opinion once in a while also doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t lull you into a false sense of security and it also reminds everyone that we’re better off together than separated and it also ensures we’re not so delusional to think everybody agrees with us (ie the socialists like to kick and ban people and look at how delusional they’ve become, they actually think everybody agrees with them).

No one here answered my question as to HOW a transvestite/satanist/wannabe sheriff, is good for a “freedom” movement in ANY way,shape,or form.

People who value freedom don’t need it explained to them. We’re not looking to attract statists to New Hampshire. We don’t need the masses to agree with us. We just need to demonstrate our values to attract like-minded individuals who value freedom. Are you on the left? It might be time to leave New Hampshire (if you are even actually here). Are you on the right? It may be time to consider making the move out of New Hampshire (I suspect a southern state might be more your thing).

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Well she is better than relying on a bitcoin for “freedom”

Here’s the part many here are trying to dodge;
Is Ian “Freeman” a government shill ?
This is from the article that starts the questions. Brings up one of many good points that support the likelihood that he is a traitor:

          " Notice also how Bernard keeps referring to Rose, Cantwell, and anyone else like them (which of course would include yours truly, besides many others) with slurs like “violence advocates,” “people who advocate violence as a solution,” or otherwise as miscreants “advocating violence as a solution to the State.” Gee, isn’t that rather strange? I could’ve sworn that the phrase “advocates [for] violence” was a term the corporate whore media originally coined (perhaps Bernard simply imprinted off of it like a good baby duck?). I never would’ve thought that a man calling himself a libertarian would seriously denigrate anyone else who promoted self-defense as being a “violence advocate.”   "

You can check my debates with Ian freeman on Telegram chats. He is lowest of the low.

Would you consider him a government informant ?
Why ?

I don’t know. I don’t have evidence of that. All I would say is from my interactions with him it would not surprise me.

This is from the above article:

           " In light of all the information herein presented, it does beg the following key question – why did Ian Bernard snitch on Larken Rose to the FSP board? Let’s examine all the possibilities:

Was Bernard afraid of any potential consequences that might be initiated by the government because of the “bad” PR Rose would be giving the FSP by association? Considering Bernard’s habitual disobedience to government, this is very unlikely, even with such allegedly “bad” PR.
Does Bernard have some sort of personal grudge against Rose? Again, I don’t think this is likely because they never cross paths, so Bernard would have nothing to gain by trashing Rose.
Did Bernard let his pacifist idealism motivate him into filing a complaint against Rose? I think this is very likely, especially when you consider Bernard’s misguided panentheism as the reason why he prefers to hand-hold government agents instead of resisting them; however, I don’t think this is a sufficient explanation by itself.
Is Bernard a government informant and/or agent provocateur? Given his multiple roles within the Shire, this is quite probable, as he would have the ideal springboard to launch his psyops while still retaining a perceived legitimacy (much like Rick Light); however, there is no proof demonstrating this. There has neither been any publicly available or leaked evidence of a handler or handling government agency running him as an intelligence asset, nor evidence of compensation either in the form of payment or an “adjudication withheld” as a condition of a plea bargain. "

Who’s now running this software for this gov’t sponsored bullshit ?

Again “truthvsstate” is a troll.
People did right by not responding to his troll posts.
aka feeding the troll

Most users on here are either bitcoin marketing bots or FBI agents, which one are you?

scm is a troll too… scm and truthvsstate… both trolls…

There’s nothing “free” about Keene, that’s for sure. Just another industrialized, commercialized, sub-corporation of the corporation of U.S.A.