“I would absolutely support any Federal effort to crush any state that attempts to dissolve the Union“

That is the message Alu Axelman says he has received by email from NH State Rep JC Allard this month.

I sent this message to Allard in response a few days back but have not yet received a response. It includes Allard’s full statement as reported by Axelman.

Rep. Allard: If anyone ever interferes with your right to say flamethrowing things, let me know and I should be able to come to your defense in some limited way.

But it is important to be clear on what people have and have not actually said. Did you actually send this message to an independence activist recently?

" I have sworn an oath to defend the US Constitution against all enemies. I would absolutely support any Federal effort to crush any state that attempts to dissolve the Union.

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If so, do you have anything you’d like to add?

We have a public electronic town hall meeting on NH independence once a week… you’re invited to come raise objections or bring friends; I’ll as that you personally be given the floor for 10 minutes if you like. Let me know if you want to join the debate and I can send you the link.

Dave Ridley
RidleyReport dot com

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Rep. Allard sounds like the Brezhnev Doctrine. While secession is currently way outside the Overton window, autonomy and “states’ rights” are not.

If we were to submit independence legislation after it is within the overton window, it would probably be too late. That’s what Bosnia did, they waited too long (and also reneged on their partition agreement with the Serbs when the public…and some Feds…objected).

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Good point, supporting a broader principle of securing rights before you need them. But I’d be pushing for autonomy under the banner of “states’ rights” and “federalism”, which are well within the Overton window. But I’m hopeful that the independence effort will generate publicity and recruits more than it damages our credibility.