I have arrived in The Shire and it is beautiful!


My name is Eton and my friend and fellow sovereign man, Paladin, convinced me Coos county was the best place to find peace and freedom in NH. He was also the one who told me about this forum. I said “what the heck” and headed on over. I am the second Alaskan that I know of to move to Coos. So far, I am liking what I see.

I am an infrastructure technician and fiber guy. It looks like there is work to be had here which is great.

I am looking to network and find some business. Anybody need help?

I will need a truck. Anyone selling a reliable truck?

This is my first week here. Any suggestions on how best to get aquatinted with the place?

I’m excited to meet you all.


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Welcome to the community! Sorry for the delay’d approval. Crazy busy around here.

There are a lot of technical folks in New Hampshire. I’m not sure about that far north, but I’d suggest coming out to Porcfest and Forkfest this summer. It’s a great opportunity to meet people. There should also be a potluck that rotates in the north country too right around where you are. That would be another thing to check out. I think that is monthly. I’d suggest emailing FSP and see what they say. https://www.fsp.org/

Welcome and congrats. Maybe @clamoring can help with networking up there.