I got to choose Jilletta Jarvis in a poll today!

It was an online political poll on a site I use that pays me to take various surveys. Looked like this-

Thinking ahead, if the November 2018 election for New Hampshire governor were held tomorrow, would you vote for Democrat Molly Kelly or Republican Chris Sununu?

  • Republican Chris Sununu
  • Democrat Molly Kellly
  • Libertarian Jilletta Jarvis
  • Don’t Know

While it was exciting to see Jilletta show up in the very first question, sadly, the very next question was, of course: but if you had to choose R or D which? And no option other than R or D showed up again in the following 50 or so questions.

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are you allowed to say what poll this was?

Probably, but I honestly don’t remember. It was being done by a University (not in NH) and, based on the tone of the questions, paid for by the Democratic Party or a left-leaning PAC.

The site I do these surveys is more for internal polling then nationally reported news polling like Gallup, etc.

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even acknowledging any other options, for a second, is so unusual

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It’s nice to see them acknowledge us, even briefly


The LPNH is so active I’ve found that over the last year I’ve made about 30 calls to talk radio about them. I’ve always been skeptical of anything LP, but they’re so active you can’t help talk about them. Can they keep it up? Can they achieve anything more than sparking debate and winning very small victories?

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So obviously you trade your values (you claim to be an Anarchist) for a little bullshit poll money.
What a hypocrite. Typical Cali- fruitcake.

More nonsensical statements from you, Samm.

Giving one’s opinion is exactly how one spreads their ideas.