I don't know why I still need to do this, but

I’m bad-Quaker (the other one) John Boanerges. After starting “life” here in the Shire at the Domes and moving away from Rob and around other locations here, I’m settled in Grafton. I just filed a federal lawsuit against the NH DL and registration “laws” (unconstitutional) 1:21-cv-00267-JL and I need other plaintiffs (from this community - ideal). Been fighting for myself all these 30 years but this is for everyone. New website driversfreedom.com. Explains how to join plus links to all the paper I filed last Wednesday (31 March).

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Welcome john! I believe you are good to post now. I think the issue may be you got imported from an older forum and the new forum requires an initial post to this threat in order post elsewhere. You should be able to do that now.

Right. I “joined” so long ago that I was not all that sure I ever did, just a nagging feeling that I must have.

thanks for the activity john

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When I go to trial at Fed District Court in Concord, I want YOU there filming. www.driversfreedom.com has all the papers I filed on 31 March and delivered to the gov and AG on 12 April. Wheels are in spin. I need a lot more plaintiffs that have been in the least way damaged by DLs and Regs and inspection “laws”. I can keep adding Plaintiffs pretty much till trial. Maybe you can interview me to help get the word around. I’m right here in Grafton.

Wait- so did this April 12th thing happen? I missed it. Did anybody get video? Darn. I can’t keep up with everything.

No, no video was taken of such a non-event. Papers were delivered on the 12th and now I await the mail delivery of papers from both of the defendants and also from the court. When I say “wheels are in spin”, you know that they “spin” slowly. When I ask Dave for video it will be of the TRIAL, several months away. I’ll keep all posted, here and at driversfreedom.com.

The state AG office replied on a form that releases me from having to subpoena them, saving us both time and trouble and I filed that yesterday with the court. Wheels still spinning.

Feds won’t let any cameras or recording devices of any sort into their building. Good luck with the case and welcome back to the forum!