I am officially a FREESTATER

Enjoyed meeting everyone. See you soon.

I also punked the Days Inn

they got you for 1000 pennies. keep the copper ones, make sure they are all clad when (if) you pay that ticket.

that Days Inn was always friendly and welcomed our tiny newspaper in their lobby back in the day

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loco4liberty: lol- that’s great! Now you know what you have to do right? Go into the city hall building and on the 2nd floor I believe is the parking department. Demand your court date. Don’t let them tell you that you have to talk to the parking meter lady that ticketed you, etc. You have the right to a court date and if they are going to bother with ticketing you the least they can do is prove your guilt if its actually worth their time to bother (it isn’t). Chances are they will drop it at the window and no trial will occur. That’s what they have been doing for more than a year now. I believe I was the last person to fight a parking ticket and dozens have since seen theirs dropped ever since. Basically I won on two parking tickets and the prosecutor doesn’t want to lose so they don’t want to fight them which is why I believe they are dropping them immediately. We need to keep the fight going! It’s a small victory for us- but it’s a victory none-the-less.


My problem is have left the Shire. I’m Texas/WV lawyer from Pho Friday. I’m thinking I’ll ship them 1000 pennies.

Ohh right, forgot. hmm I wonder if you even have to worry about it in that case. I’m pretty sure it’ll end up with collections, but not sure what will happen after that. I suspect nothing. Maybe somebody else knows. I can’t imagine it’ll be a problem short of coming back to NH.

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Ballsy to sticker for White Rose and include yourself in the photo and post to a public forum.

I didn’t get extensive. But everything I can find about the white rose you have to “sign up” if you want to participate.

Nope. You just download the graphics and print them onto labels. Instructions at t.me/jointhewhiterose

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They want you to download telegram BEFORE you can get the stickers. (Step 2). Is there any way to get “telegram” anonymously? (nope)

Sure there is. Scam artists are all over Telegram.

You could probably also just get the sticker pack from someone else. Likely wouldn’t be hard.

That may be, but that doesn’t mean they are anonymous. Not saying they couldn’t be, but it’s a bit of effort to do. There are some places to get free phone #s temporarily and SMS which I believe is what Telegram uses for verification.