I am Grok

I am Grok. I thought I had already done all this two years ago. I’m still trying to understand all this telegram stuff. It’s not intuitive. Am I qualifying for Telegram posting, or Shire posting or Forkfest… I hate doing things on my phone, so restricting. I need to see the bigger picture to grasp things.

I am a free thinker, trying to figure out what is true. Ergo, the moniker, Grok. (From ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’, for you Heinlein fans)

I am committed to the life purpose: To create the better world we know in our hearts is possible.

I love liberty and truth above all else.

I am here to learn and to share with like minded folk.

I found these forums when I attended Forkfest two years ago in 2019. I missed it last year because I hadn’t figured out how to use these forums well enough to stay informed. I’m putting reminders in place to make sure that doesn’t happen again!

This year was great, even sans Ian and nobody. I made a lot of new acquaintances, and learned a lot of new names. I will, of course, have to start all over again next year, lol. Short term memory issues.

Ok, well, I hope this qualifies me to post and comment, and won’t be lost again.

My life advice to anyone who cares is:
Trust your Gut, it will Never serve you wrong.

And my life’s context is:
It’s All Good!

Stay free.