How to contact your local talk station(s) about FTL

Here’s a handy tool to find your local talk radio stations:

General calling tips:

The person you want to talk to at the radio station is the Program Director. Sometimes, the General Manager or Operations Manager will be the Program Director. There is no need to worry about who is titled what…when the secretary answers the phone just ask who the Program Director is for the call letters you’re looking to contact.

Program Directors are most accessible in the morning.

Be honest. If you don’t listen to their station, say so. But let them know that if they added Free Talk Live that you would listen.

If you do listen to their station, compliment the PD on something you like, then tell him that you really wish you could listen while Free Talk Live is on.

Don’t be afraid to leave voicemail. Calling stations is Darryl and my job, not yours. If the PD isn’t around, don’t waste another call on him, just leave a message with what you wanted to say. Leave your number so the PD can call you back with questions.

Some PDs have voicemail that says they prefer email. If the PD prefers email, contact him that way.

Thanks for your help! Please feel free to post any questions.


What about email?

Sure, you can email.

I actually appreciate this step by step. I like other humans, need to be guided lol

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I like some other humans; however a lot of them are too annoying! LOL :wink:

The value of a comma!

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Only you would be that judgmental Darryl lol


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