How do they get away with such gross lies?

While I’m not surprised. I just amazes me at how easily they can get away with it.

Capitol has seen violence over 220 years, but not like this

Photos: Scenes of violence at U.S. Capitol shock world

Pretty sure the only person harmed in all this was the one woman trump supporter that was murdered by the capitol goons.

Last I heard, BLM/Antifa have around 34 deaths attributed to THEIR “peaceful protests”. Never mind the damage in $$$$

maybe that is now 35 for BLM/Antifa

FALSE FLAG CONFIRMED: “Viking” who stormed the Capitol Building previously photographed at BLM rally wearing the same outfit

false flag

The Viking was QAnon supporter Jake Angeli.

Mike Adams should stick with health info. His political info is way off. Light years off.

So in todays episode of the Ron Paul Liberty report, What's Really Behind The Capitol Hill Chaos? - YouTube
Daniel McAdams reveals that the viking guy was spotted at MULTIPLE BLM rallies AND a “climate change” rally

McAdams said, “some people looked into the Viking’s past, found him at BLM rallies. It looks like the same guy, but what do I know?”

He’s not revealing anything. We already know who the Viking is, what he stands for, and that he attends many political rallies and protests. McAdams is implying that he might be part of BLM or Antifa.

It was possible, but turned out to be wrong. I personally wouldn’t have made such a wild claim on air without doing basic due diligence. We certainly shouldn’t take his word for gospel now!

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