Hoping to move to NH soon & looking for a room

Hi everyone - a little about myself, I’m a fellow libertarian/ancap with a NRx bent (big Curtis Yarvin fan) and am hoping to move to NH, preferably in or around Keene in the coming months. I’ve lived in CA for pretty much my whole life but the decline, banality and groupthink have given me no choice but to leave.

I’m a a male in my early 20s, I’ve had work experience in computational genomics and quantitative finance but am now hoping to transition into a career in crypto, preferably with BTC/LN. I don’t have a FB account so I can’t join the FSP housing group so if anyone has or knows anyone who has a room they’d be willing to rent out I’m interested.

Hoping to meet all of you in person sometime soon!


Well, first welcome. I can’t say I know anyone whose looking to rent a room I don’t think. There is a like-minded individual whose got a house up for rent though in the Keene area. I have to say congrats on the no facebook thing. Lot of people here left facebook or individuals like myself never got on facebook. It was always evil in my humble opinion! Let us know when you come and/or come up for a visit.

I will say one other thing. Housing is a challenge these days. There is more demand in NH than ever before. It use to be the other way round. I guess that is how you know our numbers are growing. ok ok that was a bit of a joke. They are growing by leaps and bounds though.

Thanks @FTL_Ian, and thanks for the note @penguin, will certainly shoot out a post before heading up.

Hey, I’m also a fellow libertarian/ancap in my 20s and looking to move to the Keene area. I will be moving on March 27-28th. If you’re interested in finding a housemate and we can possibly saving some money, let me know!

Sure @dombash! DMing you.

Not familiar with NRx but very interesting - thanks for sharing that.