Hi to the shire!

Hi! This is Dan (@movingman) manager of SkogenBosque.

You can get an idea of my lifestyle from my vlog which I haven’t had time to do since starting up in Mexico. www.peakd.com/@movingman.

I am living without banks and contracts since well over 12 years and have been learning skills to let me live freely without the need of the government systems.

After deciding to get away from Europe, Mexico seemed an obvious option’ so here I am carrying on dedicating all my time to activists projects.

I will admit that this project epic’ and nothing like the size I have done before, but thats just how it turned out.The project is still very fresh and we are still looking for funding via plotsales’ or one investor who is looking for 20% roi to boost it.

I was on the FTL show and it was nice that they decided to check it out… its certainly not a commune though haha… its the oppersite!

Ill call in again soon, I only just found this forum so Ill be checking out the posts! Feel free to get me on telegram @freedann

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Thanks Ian! Just updating the website after using the shows feedback, it just needs a tweek :smirk:

It’s kind of strange still being this side of the world, everyone’s spread so far out that Internet is the way to stay in contact

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