Hi I'm J. Michael Hudson

Tell us about yourself.

I am a writer, musician and technologist. I grew up in Missouri and went the University of Missouri and graduated in 2001 with an interdisciplinary studies degree. I have worked mostly in the tech field in a lot of different capacities, laptop repair, help desk, network administration, system administration. I have written several books, screenplays, plays and am a prolific forum poster. I have played in a lot of bands as a drummer and taught myself guitar, and I’m working on an album of original songs. I have lived in Germany when I was younger and recently I tried to move there again but it fell apart when the lockdown happened. I moved to Iowa last fall to be near family. I am trying to promote the four books I have self published since 2017 and I have faced a lot of censorship and harassment online trying to do so. I have also vowed not to use any of the major platforms as I believe those are part of the problem, and I know they will just ghost de-index me anyway. I have experienced a lot of state harassment and stalking due to my activism, and I have written the best that I know about how to protect yourselves from these unconstitutional and monstrous practices. I ran my own site until I couldn’t afford it and I am considering starting another. I am also an archivist of my culture and history, and maintain my own video, music, documentary and idea collection. I am single, live alone, and I would like to change that but under current circumstances it has been nearly impossible. Lately I have been playing drums at my church and otherwise spending a lot of time alone. I think the lockdown and mask mandate is idiocy, that has not been effective, and has done much harm, while empowering the worst elements of society.

Why are you here?

I read about Free Keene and I believe we might get along, and I need to make friends and find people who I can work with. I think you might like my books and that I might like you.

How did you find these forums?

Gold and Black forum on reddit linked to the story of the recent arrests and I found the free Keene radio project and this forum. I liked what I saw, so I immediately decided to try to be part of it in some capacity.

My books are available for sliding scale on Leanpub but they are also available for free on Library Genesis at these links:
msd http://gen.lib.rus.ec/book/index.php?md5=ED6C04714574B133654F61065801568F
defs http://gen.lib.rus.ec/book/index.php?md5=5666F69751D2A84ECC3C74A2AC9F0C56
memes http://gen.lib.rus.ec/book/index.php?md5=A10A2F8029E4737BC5188A294D84E953
plays http://gen.lib.rus.ec/fiction/7C8EF99480C078E33DDEF93B0573F6C2
plays http://fiction.libgen.me/item/detail/7c8ef99480c078e33ddef93b0573f6c2

You can also hear some of my music and storytelling at:

or searching youtube with “J. Michael Hudson Presents” until I am censored there, but so far burying in search results has been sufficient.

As my work pokes the bear by calling out the control mechanisms that are at work in society, and since most “alternative” culture that exists in the united states is in some or another way comprimised, I would like to ask you to download and store my pdfs offline if you have the chance to do so.

If there were one thing I would like everyone to read and share it might be this:

I am looking for a job and I would definitely consider relocating to be part of your project. I would enjoy being part of the forums and discussing what is going on, I am very experienced identifying forum trolling and I follow the debate pyramid of discourse where personal attacks are disallowed and immediately identify insincere operators in the public, with which we are plagued.

Hi, nice to meet you, I hope we can be friends. I would enjoy the chance to talk about my books and answer any questions you might have.

Thank you for inviting me and considering me to be part of your project.

Cheers in dark times,

J. Michael Hudson

Welcome to the forums! I suspect you and at least a handful of people in Keene, NH have some things in common. We got a few people in a band, and an active archivist of the internet among us. Particularly of censored content.


Thanks or the welcome, I was a little nervous it took a bit but alls well that ends well.
One thing you might be able to help me out with or point me the right direction, the jobs page in keene is presently offline or unavailable. I was curious to see what was going on in that part of things. If anyone did want to move out there and get involved, that would be a key way to do so.
At same time I also recognize making some information public attracts all kinds, so I wonder what you would suggest about that.
Thanks again, see you in threads, J

this particular yay goes a long way on this particular day, so thanks

I can say yayyyy again if you wish lol. would you be in a position to mail some of your books to our men behind the wire? There is another thread with contact details; feel free to message me if you can’t find it

So that just links to this, or it should:


Normally I’d reach out to the guy who manages that, but he’s currently sitting in a cage. I actually did just send someone else a message though as this extends to a bigger issue of us as a community at least those with the abilities needing to take over roles Ian filled previously. I may be able to fix this, but someone else with keys to the castle will need to give me the power first.

pdf printing is available to all, at the moment i don’t have the resources for that.
if you wanted to give them a scan, i would enjoy discussing what they are about, or if you or anyone has an interview show, it would be the first chance I had gotten to speak about my ideas without being swarmed by shills, bots and censorshing admins.
fwiw you should know because i tested it
reddit(of course)
all were essentially like talking with police in a police station and did not convince me in any way that they were not simply operated by eglin AFB or worse.
I do not trust the judgement or independence of anyone or anything with a “f” on their page anymore, if you don’t know that facegag is at the heart of the problem of destroying the human heart, you are too far behind to warrant any serious consideration of your efforts to do anything but help them enslave everyone.
most “popular” shows on youtube fail this test, and dozens of the smartest and most independent voices have lost any means of reaching a larger than niche audience, while those associated with propaganda operations like politico, the hill, npr, and “thedailybeast” often deceptively appear independent.
radio4all.net has been a tremendous source of information over the years fwiw. And other new sources are appearing but I have not yet had a chance to investigate them all, like gab, ruqqus, streamable, etc.
Rob Braxman has been a voice that I have come to respect on tech and he is now on Lbry and since they are being sued, that is a good sign that they are on the right side of things.

Yeah that link is broken, which is I think a pretty self inflicted roadblock for the progress of getting like minded people in one place.
Making it limited to people who have at least introduced themselves here is a decent step to counter infiltration, although at least one of the recent “introduce yourself” posts would not have passed my sniff test, fwiw…

also, i was unable to upload an image for my user, all images I tried were rejected even though in the correct format.
Is that a bug that can be fixed?

There are so many infiltrators, trolls, and spammers, the most this does is filter out the spammers. The reality is if you worry too much about the agents of the state infiltrating you’ll never get anything accomplished. A better approach is to welcome the agents and informants to the degree that they help your cause- and that includes making arrests that bring a massive amount of attention to your cause (ie TheCrypto6.com).

There is risk to stepping up and saying no more. That can also be rewarding. Accepting that risk and knowing where your limits are (be that sitting in a cage for a few months or years, or merely fighting a parking ticket) as far as that risk incurred is a far better approach.

Operational security is effectively not about the tech, but about not saying shit you wouldn’t be willing to say to an FBI agent directly. Obviously no amount of tech is going to protect you from yourself, so telling an agent on Tor your home address is just plain stupid if you don’t wan them knowing your home address anyway and your reason for using Tor was to stop them from knowing your home address.

But if you don’t have operational security in organizations at all, you can never have leadership elements of your movement, because they will ruin the lives of your leaders and then put the FBI itself in as a leader, or worse.

Worrying isn’t much use about anything, I don’t have much use for it as a word either. I prefer to say concern. Worry implies inaction and impotence, and having a lot of feelings about something without any point to it.

Concern implies thought and consideration. Requiring introductions gives those of us concerned about forum trolling, sliding and the tactics of disinformation where we try to post about our ideas and promote our work as writers, in my case at least, gives us operational information in deciding whose accounts we will give credence to and those we will not.
At the moment on planet earth there are no forums with moderators and administration that effectively bans even the obvious means of forum trolling and disinformation.
And that is how we got here, where propaganda and paid lying is the norm, and anyone who asks good questions about pertinent issues over even life and death matters, is banned from anyplace “popular”.
How any FBI agent or loyal citizen to the united states can see this as good for the country as they get paid to ruin it, is one of the great mysteries I am trying to solve.
Best I can tell they are all into some cult that sees the end of the united states as inevitable anyway and so cross their fingers behind their backs when taking their oaths.
But it is an ongoing investigation of mine, stay tuned.

Also, any progress on the help wanted ads or the picture uploading functionality?

Reminder about the open questions regarding the help wanted and account avatar uploading issue.

“Anyone saying no one is out to get you, or everyone is out to get you, is probably out to get you.” -anon

Refresh my memory…

the keene help wanted ads are offline or unavailable.

I tried to upload an avatar like you have a penguin and all .jpg files were rejected even very small ones, the error said it was the wrong filetype, but they were just .jpg.