Hi from IL

Had to join & see what the fuss is all about. I like the Shire Church idea. I wish there were more locations.

What do you mean by more locations? The reality is it’s hard enough to get people to move to one region let along more. If that was what you meant. I think someday there will be something more. However you got to organize, research, and plan. We need to know “how many people really care about freedom?” … before you jump ship and do something even more insane. Moving to New Hampshire for freedom is hard enough and insane. Moving to another country probably won’t work well and trying something even more insane like starting a country is a very crazy idea that might work- but there are a lot of factors that need to be worked out. Like finding a country that might be willing to give up territory. Even if you can work something out that doesn’t mean that everything else will work. There are issues like trade links (the most likely places aren’t likely wealthy and economically problematic for westerners with high living standards and expectations) and defense. What happens when the country you’ve just got independence from decides to invade because you’ve been successful? Now you got to think about defense. Yea- maybe it’ll all work out. But you don’t want to invest millions of dollars into something that gets taken over at a later date because you’ve upset the neighbors in some way.