Hi friends, Pete Eyre here.

Hi, my name is Pete Eyre. I sometimes use the handle “TrustThyself” online – an adage that I associate with transcendentalism and akin to the Delphic maxim “know thyself”, which I believe necessarily subsumes introspection, self-ownership, and personal responsibility. I believe we’re all connected and thus it behooves me not to perpetuate division and conflict but to foster mutual appreciation and harmony.

I created this profile to interact and collaborate with others. I thought that long-ago I had a profile on the FreeKeene forum but don’t believe it migrated here. I could be wrong.

I have perused content here for years – often after seeing something interesting linked-to from the “Recent Forum Posts” on the sidebar of FreeKeene.com. I originally learned of this forum from Ian Freeman, who has labored tirelessly, and happily, to advance a voluntary society. At this moment, I’m interested to partake in the convo about New Hampshire Independence. The more decentralized governance is (down to the individual), the more just and creative a world it’ll be.

Hi, Pete, you won’t believe this, but I literally just signed up a few minutes ago for the purpose of reaching out to you. I’m the North American Programs Director at Students For Liberty. I’ve been meaning to pick your mind on your experience with the libertarian student movement for ages now, but couldn’t find contact information. I happened to search today after Bureaucrash came up in conversation during a staff call. What luck that you joined right this moment!

If you’re free, I’d love to hear from you and maybe chat. My email is mavi@studentsforliberty.org. All the best!

welcomz pete!