Hi everyone! I’m Zhanna

My name is Zhanna. I’m originally from Eastern Europe (Ukraine & Russia) & have lived in NYC for the last 18 years or so. Recently me & my family moved to Long Island.
I’m here because I hope to find support & like-minded people who think soberly & didn’t succumb to this overwhelming hysteria related to masks & vaccines. Also, I would be interested in coming over for a visit or maybe even staying at your community for some time to strengthen my beliefs. Tired of being bullied in real & virtual life by those who think they are “in charge” & “in the know”.

Peace! :star2:

P. S. And I am a big fan of decentralization/blockchain & Bitcoin! :muscle:


Welcome. Here’s hoping you can escape from New York!

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Ласкаво просимо Zhanna!

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Дякую! :purple_heart:

As long as your beliefs include peace, freedom, and love every time on every issue and not just one issue than you’ll be loved here in NH. At least by the thousands of us who moved here for freedoms sake.

Welcome to the forums! And let us know when you are coming to visit. Also there are a lot of events on the FSP calendar at New Hampshire Calendar of Liberty Events | Join the Free State Project! and as the days get closer there are often even more events added… soo… you can see lots of people here… all being very busy.