Hey Liberty Folk!

Hey all!

My name is Maya, chances are if you’re in the LRN discord, you’ve seen me around. I’m a FSP Signer and planning on moving to Keene once I graduate high school. Politically, I very much identify with the terms anarchist and antifascist (in the ideological sense, I don’t agree with a lot of antifa action). I have a passion for preserving history and currently manage over 1PB of data, covering about everything and anything. I spend most of my time programming, being politically active and working on projects such as/similar to The Eye - A massive online library of culture and knowledge.

Thanks for everyone having been welcoming so far, and hopefully I’ll see you folks around!

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Welcome! Congrats on your decision to move!

Welcome! I think you’ll find this was a good move on your part. It helps a lot being around and making friends of people that have similar key values.