Help fending off the people who call themselves "Ogden City Code Enforcement"

Has anyone here successfully gotten a code violation dismissed or know someone who has? If so, how did you do it? If you know someone who has, how can I get in contact with them?

Also, does anyone here offer services to help with these kinds of things?

Not sure of your specific situation but, urban farmer Curtis Stone “counter offered” when they asked him if they could inspect his farm. they never accepted his offer. I know he is Kanada, but It has a lot to do with contractual law

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I’m hoping to bring attention to their lack of evidence proving that the constitution and code apply to me in the first place because of my physical presence and property ownership in a place commonly called, “The United States, State of Utah, and City of Ogden.”

I tried searching for Curtis Stone and “counter offer” but nothing came up, any clue where I can find that?

If your going to talk like that, you should like what he says.

He wont provide you any remedies, but its a very good starting point.
Lots of his videos talking about this were on YouTube and he took it all down (memory holed) out of fear he was going to loose his channel he put years of work into.

He explains what he did for his situation, starts @ about 18:30

also listen starting from 35:00 if you want to learn what the word “includes” really means. It blew my mind

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This was very eye opening…I will be watching all of his podcasts now. Hopefully there will be something even more useful in there. Thank you!

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He said to get a blacks law dictionary (2nd edition) and start looking up words. I did.
Remember when Bill Clinton said "it depends upon what your definition of the word “is” is, and everyone laughed at him. Yeah… :neutral_face:

Yeah a dictionary may prove to be useful. I’ve only recently heard about that statement from Bill Clinton, lol.

I listened to the part where he said that he asked for a certified true copy of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency Act with proof of Royal Assent. Any clue how I would rework that to fit Ogden City Code Enforcement? This is what I’ve come up with so far…

Thank you for your offer to do busines. I will gladly pay your fee if these conditions can be met.

    1. I want to see a certified true copy of Ogden City’s Code Violations with proof of how you obtained jurisdiction on the land and proof of how you obtained jurisdiction over a man or woman that is on the land.
    1. A signed copy of your oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, the laws of the State of Utah and Ogden City’s Code with a statement that you will operate in good faith.
    1. A signed copy of Tyler Andrews oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, laws of the State of Utah and Ogden City’s Code with a statement that he will operate in good faith.
    1. A signed copy of James Tanners oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, laws of the State of Utah and Ogden City’s Code with a statement that he will operate in good faith.
    1. A signed copy of my oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, laws of the State of Utah and Ogden City’s Code.
    1. A signed copy of my oath to be a citizen of the United States.
    1. A signed copy of my oath to be a resident of The State of Utah.
    1. A signed copy of my oath to be a resident of Ogden City.
    1. Signed statements with contact information of any witnesses with personal first-hand knowledge that the Constitution and Code apply to me.
    1. I want to be compensated for my time to correct what you believe to be a nuisance. Since you state that you would charge up to $500 to abate this nuisance, I would ask that you pay that to me instead. My time is valuable, you don’t expect me to work for free for you, do you?

You have 21 days to respond in writing to this address:

239 E Harris St
Ogden, UT 84401

If you cannot meet this burden within the 21 days, this offer is null and void.

What are your thoughts scm?

I’m no lawyer, I can’t offer any legal advice.
I do have a situation where I plan on using this method (contractual agreement) My plan is to keep it simple, professional, legal sounding (lawyers spend 70% of their time learning “language”), avoid personal attacks. I will ask where they get their legal authority from. Proof, I agreed to anything they want. Time frame, fee. I wont request things that I know they can’t (attempt to) prove i’m sure they wont take it serious at that point.

I like that approach, I am going to modify that request so that it fits more within their map of the world. Maybe then they will back off. Thanks!

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Their weapon is “language”, use it against them. Their minions wont know what to do. They got the same indoctrination as the rest of us.

Yeah I notice the indoctrination when asking questions. They think that their laws apply to everyone in a certain area simply because it’s in the Constitution or Code, but where is their evidence that The Constitution and Code apply to anybody?

They have no idea how answer me and I don’t think they understand the difference between a law (legal opinion backed by threats, coercion and violence) and facts/evidence. I may even ask them if they know the difference just to see what their response is, although I’m not holding my breath because their Attorney (who works for Ogden City Corporation) didn’t want to answer any of my previous questions like, “you state that it’s legal and proper, so explain to me what’s proper about threatening me to pay you?”

Maybe if I ask him if he knows the difference and he states that facts/evidence are the same thing as laws (which he already has indirectly said), I could say that he’s incompetent to do his job and file a judicial misconduct complaint against him (not that it would go anywhere). I’d just want it to start developing proof that these guys on the lower tier of the hierarchy are incompetent and hopefully someone up the chain will realize that’s bad for PR and tell them to back off lol.

The constitution does not apply to men or women. It apples to government.
I’m sure you knew that. other readers may not

Actually, and curtis gets into this. “law” & “legal” are two different things. Law, is more like common law (the constitution). “legal” is more akin to corporate by laws (governing rules by which the corporation operates).

Its unlawful to kill someone (nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law), its also illegal. Its “Illegal” to speed, but is it unlawful (i cant find that part in the constitution).

You may want to ask if he knows the difference between something lawful and something legal.

I was thinking about the whole “royal assent” thing, and how that may apply in the US. Maybe to federal agents? Where do they get their authority to work within your state?
The point of the constitution, was to make sure Government (state/federal) Didn’t make certain rules.We are supposed to be 50 sovereign states, who can set their own rules.
If you don’t like the rues of one state you could move to another.
I think what I’m saying is, when asking where they get their authority from, it may be you own states constitution (or whatever your state has).

Makes sense, I could focus on them proving that they have authority to do what they claim they can do.

I also thought about bringing attention to the fact that States are Corporations, so they don’t really have jurisdiction over men and women and they don’t have jurisdiction on the land even according to their own “laws”.