Hello, my name is Sylvester

About myself…I am currently progressing on building a permaculture food forest on my property and have been educating myself about true freedom by reading Marc Stevens: Government Indicted.

I am here because I have run into issues with the people who call themselves Ogden City Code Enforcement and I wish to ask how others have successfully gotten things of this nature dismissed. I have already asked a lady named Alene for evidence proving their Constitution and Code apply to me and that there is jurisdiction and she recommended me to their attorney, so I asked him the same questions and he could not give a responsive answer. He only stated that since I owned property and was physically present in the State of Utah, that there was jurisdiction.

I found these forums by Listening to Marc Stevens talk about Ian Freeman and through his website I found these forums, so here I am, hoping to surround myself with people who value true freedom and want people who call themselves government to back off and go away forever.



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Thanks! Would you be able to point me in the right direction to ask questions from the community?

You can try General Discussion if you don’t know where to post.

Will do, thanks

Welcome to the Shire!

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