Hello. Moving from California to N.H

Hey everyone, I'm Gabe. I've been saving to move to N.H. I've gotten alot of tickets kicked out in California.

Now it's finally possible! (I've got to wait 'til the end of the semester)

I just had a few questions:

When does it start warming up? It looks like January is cold and February might be a little warmer.

What area do you guys recommend? I'd like to be near Keene. I'm thinking about waiting to get long term housing 'til I find the right area.

Looking forward to meeting all the cool people in N.H.

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Hi Gabe.  Welcome!

It doesn't start warming up well into spring.  8)

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January is cold, February will make you hate going to work because it's even colder.  Like Ian said, well into spring. 

Are you coming in from southern california, where there is no actual cold, or northy-north parts? 

Anecdotally, people getting hired in Keene have been having a bitch of a time finding anything lately that's downtown and walkable.  Your mileage may vary, of course.  Helps to not be fresh out of high school and have previous working experience…and yeah that's an obvious Catch-22, but it is what it is.  Which means to say, hopefully have enough saved up to cover living costs while you look for a job.

As for location, for the purpose of job getting, it helps to live in Keene, as that's where jobs tend to be.  Manchester, that area is better, even if only because of larger population…better job prospects.  But it's fine, there are roads that connect Keene and Manch.  What's important is that you're able to take care of yourself; when that's set, the social/activism crapola can set itself easier.

(I do think I bought thermals while I was still in California, but I can't remember if they were cheaper there than they are here.) 

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I’m starting the process of moving from NorCal to NH. I assume a 4WD car is mandatory. Looking at the Wilton area because of the Waldorf school for my kids. How did your move go from Cali?

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PorcManor.com and PorcupineRealEstate.com may help you find a place to live…the first is more for rooms in people’s houses, the second is more for apartments and buying property


Funny this… Yeah my guess is that you will be cold every year from October to April :wink:

most people have 2wd cars