Hello - Jake Leonard


I’ve always wanted to join the forums, but really needed to unload on the other forums I used to be active on.

I’m Jake Leonard and I’m currently the Candidate Recruitment Director for the Libertarian Party of Illinois.

Additionally, I’m editor-in-chief of a news website I’ve been running since NYE 2016, Heartland Newsfeed and general manager/program director of the Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network, which is a LRN.FM broadcast affiliate for Declare Your Independence, The Call To Freedom and Free Talk Live. The station has been live since NYE 2018, the second anniversary of the news website.

I’m on the forums because I really like how the Free State Project and Free Keene has evolved as their own organizations to build a libertarian foundation in New Hampshire.

I’ve known of the forums for quite some time through FTL and LRN.FM, just hadn’t bothered to sign up until now.

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Hi Jake, and welcome. Any Chance you will be able to visit the Shire in June?