Hello from Virginia

Hello! I would like to become a member of this forum.
I grew up in New Jersey and realized in my 20’s that I was not experiencing a life of freedom.
My wife and I moved to Virginia in 1986 and experienced some but limited freedom. I joined a pro second amendment group called VCDL ( Virginia Citizens Defense League ) to promote the expansion of pro second amendment laws in the commonwealth. I have discovered that most people compartmentalize freedom through various unrelated groups instead of a comprehensive approach that encompasses all areas pertaining to individual freedom. I am now 63 years old. My youngest daughter told me that I was not a conservative but a Libertarian. I took the short test and indeed I lean hard towards Libertarianism. I have been challenged by FTL to stretch my thinking on individual liberty.
I am here to learn and broaden my knowledge of Liberty and how to implement these changes in my life and those in my community, county, and state.
I have been a listener of Free Talk Live and found the link to these forums on their web site.


welcom rj

Welcome Virginia. To what end? Who knows. But welcome.


Welcome! We’ve got an amazing community here and it’s even greater in NH itself. The forums unfortunately fail to represent just how great it is in New Hampshire. I don’t mean the state either, I think obviously (?), but I mean, the people who have moved to the shire, here. The forums are like a public facing front, but they just don’t get utilized to the degree some of our other means of communications get utilized. Which is kinda bad from a recruiting stand point. If you want others to join your migration it helps to have people actively interacting with people not yet ‘on the inside’.

Anyway- I hope you can find the time to visit us here in person. There is a great little event called Forkfest if you haven’t already heard of it. The unofficial web site for info is available at https://forkfest.party although it links to other places controlled / managed by others who partake in the event (there is also https://www.forkfest.com/ to let others know where you’re going to be camping since it is a large campground and people often want to be near each other who attend the event). It’s a once a year event that we hold in northern New Hampshire at a place called Rogers Campground. It’s basically the biggest campground in the state and people from all over the world come together for a week or two in the summer who believe in the ideas of liberty and freedom. There are many people already in New Hampshire who have moved and many of us come out to greet people looking into moving (and quite frankly just to have a good time too!).

Anyway- like anything liberty-oriented we practice what we preach and Forkfest is basically the forking of another festival called Porcfest that has become centrally organized. Same people more or less attending both events, but Forkfest is basically the more liberty-oriented event with no central organization or control. There is nothing official about it with each participant doing or making the event what they will. Basically you just rent a camping (tent or RV if you got one) spot at Rogers Campground (or hotel / motel room on the campground or one nearby) and join the week long festivities (Porcfest and Forkfest are back to back so it’s like two weeks of fun if you can manage two weeks, but either or both events are worth attending).