Hello from Oklahoma!

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Jonathan McCormick, Jr.
I am a self-taught software dev :man_technologist: , a journalist :male_detective: , and a libertarian activist :dove: .
My involvement in the liberty movement has included:

  • Starting YAL chapters :eagle: ;
  • Graphic design, door-knocking, and phone-calling for liberty candidates :door: ;
  • Using cryptocurrency as actual CURRENCY :money_mouth_face: ;
  • Using Tor :onion: ;
  • Using TAILS :computer: ;
  • Exposing leftist bias and abuse in America’s higher education institutions :school: ;
  • Being a journalist and volunteer in the Liberland community :globe_with_meridians:

Why are you here?

I want to participate in creating a Galt’s Gulch in the Granite State.

How did you find these forums?

FSP videos on Odysee.

Welcome! When you planning to move?

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Hi @FTL_Ian!

I plan to move as soon as I can afford to do so. I will be actively pitching my freelance services and applying for software/IT/other jobs in order to make it feasible for me to make the migration. My earliest goal is around October 20, but it could be months later.

Obviously, the sooner the better. Please wish me luck! :grin:

good good good

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