Hello From EastCentral Vermont

Hello. I live in Vermont, close to the New Hampshire border. I am interested in possibly relocating to near the Concord, NH area to be closer to my grandchildren. I found this community online when looking for people who respect the sovereignty of others. I am in the Concord area visiting family often, and am interested in finding out about events or community projects going on.

Welcome - congrats in advance for your move to NH.

Welcome, many of us use telegram, signal, and matrix for organizing meetups and closed discussions.

Hi Paul,
Here’s a helpful website https://www.fsp.org/ and there’s quite a full calendar of events.

Welcome, Paul.

Welcome, Paul.

When I was trying to figure out where I wanted to live in the USA,
NH came out on top in everything except educational level attained -
that credit went to Vermont.