Hello from Amesbury, MA!

The forum tells me I need to introduce myself as I haven’t been on here in a long time, so I will!

My name is Bradley Jardis and I am a blogger on FreeKeene.com. I am a former law enforcement officer and member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

I grew up in the Seacoast of New Hampshire and presently live in Amesbury, MA. I am a big supporter of the Free State Project as I am what I like to call a “Constitutional Minarchist.”

I look forward to interacting with ya’ll here!

Thank you,


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welcome back brad sir and thanks for your articles on free keene… plus your in-person support of ian freeman at the show trials.

Thank you for reading them Dave :slight_smile:

I hope to entertain with the latest activism I am about to embark on… Bradley Jardis v. Attorney General John Formella.

Fighting for the right to represent others to reform the government!

Keep us informed about your NH activism ! And please keep reporting @ Free Keene. It’s good to see stories being posted and a community stepping up to the task to fill a role Ian has largely solely played. He’s certainly been a great benefactor to this community and it’s great to see others stepping up to the plate when the system is trying to take him out.

I absolutely will.

I’m grateful that Ian, Bonnie, and you are allowing me to post my activism there. I believe very strongly in peaceful, respectful, and legal activism within the court system.

I truly believe there are judges employed in the NH Judicial Branch that have honor and integrity… notwithstanding the crap we’ve seen in the past. I’m hoping to get assigned one of them with this case.

PS: I’m probably going to be representing Joa on his latest arrest. I’ll be blogging on that too. Just have to review the paperwork first.