Hello, cheers from Europe


My name is Vincent, libertarian, 60 years old (am the 1st to be sorry !).
I agree with the gathering philosophy of the FSP project, and, as an answer to the current dramatic level of socialism pandemic, I’m the editor of a french language website (LibLand.be) dedicated to independence projects in the world.
The main focus is Europe, but practically we are looking at projects worldwide.

I follow the Free State Project since many years, but since I opened LibLand.be (2020), I try to help to advertise the FSP to the Francophones.
And I profit to myself learn more and more about the FSP.

I come here with the idea to increase my knowledge of the FSP and the FSP community (and maybe to profit to catch material for next articles !)

Since I wrote and maintain already several pages concerning the FSP, this is how I came to know the address of this forum.



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please follow our NHexit.org group too
wow you already have the link and the website is only a month old

how can I follow your group on social media

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thanks for all the coverage here :slight_smile:

NHexit is now following you on twitter

I am thinking about setting up embassy contact info for the future Republic of NH in other states … and having them in other countries would be great.

So you are in Belgium, but the site is hosted in France?

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I’ll be very happy if I can help in any way relations between NH libertarians and Europe.
(And in general all relations between wanabee independent countries).

The website suffix is .be, but that was intended as the verb “to be”.
as in Let Lib Lands be.
I’m french and I’m in France.

Thanks for following. I’m also following NH_Exit on twitter.

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bienvenue…mais je ne parle pas bien!


Maybe we set up a consulate as a mailing address in the EU