Hello all. I will arrive in N.H. in a day or two.

I am hoping to meetup with some liberty minded people when I arrive which will probably be on the 8th. Not sure of the best place to start off but I have an address of “Free State Project - 373 S Willow St #161 Manchester, NH 03103” so I figured I would start there.

  1. Tell us about yourself. - Just finished a three month complete restoration of a high top custom travel van and decided to take it on a tour of the northern border with the ultimate destination of N.H. Hope to make many friends there. Have driven 1,600 miles so far and I am currently parked at the Niagra falls state park and just visited the the area for the first time : )

  2. Why are you here? To contribute to the effort of spreading liberty

  3. How did you find these forums? From listening to the radio shows.

Looking forward

Scott Kline

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Welcome - heard you had a good Nightcap in Keene on Friday

Hi Scott,
Don’t bother with the So. Willow address, it’s only a mailbox.
I suggest you come to Taproom Tuesday, starting at about 5:15 tomorrow. Many FSP movers and liberty lovers will be there.
Murphy’s Taproom, located at 494 Elm St Manchester, New Hampshire.

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It was nice seeing you Scott!

Could not have asked for a better introduction. Sorry that I was not able to speak with you in person but hopefully I we can meet up on my next pass through the area. I have some ideas for doing a road show where I interview people from all over and I really want to visit many communities and people wanting to start communities because I have been building tools to help people start communities for the past ten years and I see now that these ideas are finally becoming self evident and I think we are on the cusp of a real sea change.

Hello Bill, Thank you for the excellent information. I wish I had been able to stay long enough to take advantage of it but for the moment I am still trapped in the time/debt system which required me to generate some cash flow and be present in central united states.

It was great meeting you in person. I really enjoyed our conversations and am looking forward to exploring some of these ideas and others in more depth if possible.