Hello all. I will arrive in N.H. in a day or two

I am hoping to meetup with some liberty minded people when I arrive which will probably be on the 8th. Not sure of the best place to start off but I have an address of “Free State Project - 373 S Willow St #161 Manchester, NH 03103” so I figured I would start there.

  1. Tell us about yourself. - Just finished a three month complete restoration of a high top custom travel van and decided to take it on a tour of the northern border with the ultimate destination of N.H. Hope to make many friends there. Have driven 1,600 miles so far and I am currently parked at the Niagra falls state park and just visited the the area for the first time : )

  2. Why are you here? To contribute to the effort of spreading liberty

  3. How did you find these forums? From listening to the radio shows.

Looking forward

Scott Kline


Welcome - heard you had a good Nightcap in Keene on Friday

Hi Scott,
Don’t bother with the So. Willow address, it’s only a mailbox.
I suggest you come to Taproom Tuesday, starting at about 5:15 tomorrow. Many FSP movers and liberty lovers will be there.
Murphy’s Taproom, located at 494 Elm St Manchester, New Hampshire.


It was nice seeing you Scott!

Could not have asked for a better introduction. Sorry that I was not able to speak with you in person but hopefully I we can meet up on my next pass through the area. I have some ideas for doing a road show where I interview people from all over and I really want to visit many communities and people wanting to start communities because I have been building tools to help people start communities for the past ten years and I see now that these ideas are finally becoming self evident and I think we are on the cusp of a real sea change.

Hello Bill, Thank you for the excellent information. I wish I had been able to stay long enough to take advantage of it but for the moment I am still trapped in the time/debt system which required me to generate some cash flow and be present in central united states.

It was great meeting you in person. I really enjoyed our conversations and am looking forward to exploring some of these ideas and others in more depth if possible.


Hi, Scott! Sounds like you may already have come and gone, but just wanted to share for future reference – the FSP Calendar is a great resource to stay abreast of happenings. Glad to see (per the other comments in this thread) that you were able to cross-paths with good peeps on the ground. All the best going forward.


I can even overlay that on my google calendar
very helpful

Much appreciated. I did discover the calendar a few days late but my blind timing turned out to be very good. I was right on time for the Friday Keen central park meet up