Have crypto, need cash

I have some bills that don’t take crypto so I’m looking to cashout some face to face at spot prices near Canaan, NH.
Can do 1% discount for shire society signers up to $2k.
2% discount for lightning transfer.
PM here, signal, t.me, etc. to arrange meetup.

Did you get a taker

No responses to this offer yet.
Hopefully like minded voluntaryists have enough saved for retirement already (1-2 BTC) or an alternative sat stacking plan, dollar cost averaging through a local miner.
Have BTC and Monero here.

I’m in Keene…I might do it…
Id want the crypto first though
So… Might not be able to be facilitated

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No worries.

I saw that expired BCH giveaway thread and feel inspired…

If anyone wants to post their BTC lightning node pubkey here, I’ll send you 20,000 satoshis over lightning. You’ll need at least that much inbound capacity to receive it though, PM if you want help getting set up.

Not much but something to get started stacking sats…