Has WKBK Keene been blocking RidleyCalls?

Between roughly Aug 1 and Aug 28 I’ve made about a dozen attempts at calling into WKBK-AM.

Normally this would get me on the air about 3 times but I don’t think I got through even once during the above period. Today, Aug 29… I dialed in another 3 times during their 9am “open mic” show with Dan Mitchell. These calls just went dead after ringing about 8 times. So for the first time I tried calling in anonymously using *67. And I immediately got through. I was able to question the school superintendent about the failure to cut spending despite reductions in the number of students.

My suspicion is that mitchell either recognizes my number and doesn’t want to accept watchdoggie calls any more, or doesn’t like my calls in particular. I will try to call in and question him on the air about this, if it is possible to get through again.

I’ve been calling in since 2004 usually getting on the air about 4 times per month and in the past he has referred to me as a “good caller,” we’ve generally had a cordial on air relationship. But he is a left authoritarian in his outlook and perhaps also could be under some kind of pressure to
be more gatekeepish as the walls close in on freedom of discussion.


As a kbk caller myself,
It’s definitely happened to me…
No doubt about it.
There are some DJs that are particularly guilty there.

Not Dan particularly, … But… He can also…
With him I just avoid because he can be really rude and disrespectful.

Anyway that’s my schpeel/experience


Try from a friend’s phone and see what happens?

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