Has anyone heard about Pinkdate?

After reading the whitepaper, watching the demo, and discussing with the team I’m baffled at how little known Pinkdate is. They have everything you could want for a business idea. There’s a huge demand, huge potential, and an elegantly simple solution.

They take something most of us are familiar with, a dating app layout. You just open their app, and scroll until you see the woman of your dreams and then you swipe. This brings a professional, clean, beautiful woman straight to your door fully aware of your desires and needs.

The problem they’re solving is the anonymity legal grey area. You don’t exchange money with the woman at all. It’s very difficult for police to catch you paying for sex if you’re never even seen paying! Keep in mind anonymous cryptocurrencies like Monero also make it very difficult to see who you’re paying and nearly impossible to tell what you’re paying for. From the outside it looks like you’re just on a dating app.

Thousands of men, and the escorts they’re meeting, go to jail every day for solicitation. This app will change the industry forever, and that’s not even the best part…

The best part is the profit sharing they’re offering. They’re using smart contracts to automatically pay out 50% of all their profits spread evenly to their customer base.

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I don’t want my sexual relationships being put on any kind of database, especially a blockchain; I’ll pass

Lol, was there an ICO?

I’m sure there was an STD.

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I don’t know why you’re laughing Ian. 500 people just had their lives wrecked yesterday in a large ‘bust’ of what should be a de-criminalized way to earn a living.

And apparently LIbertyPenguin is unaware some crypto currencies are set up for privacy.

500 people? Where was this?

State thugs have been rolling voluntary prostitution and involuntary human trafficking into a single category. News of these ‘big human trafficking busts’ have been coming out at the rate of once a month or so lately. When you read the fine print it’s almost all victimless crime they are ‘busting’ for revenue raising but trying to make it sound better than cheap looting of people earning a living.

They have to justify their jobs for budgetary purposes, you know. They’re going to find a way to get people no matter what clever innovations happen in the prostitution field.

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